Inventing human science: eighteenth-century domains

Enlightenment and Pleasure
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The Gaze of Natural History.

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Hallam and B. He also agrees with Hume that association produces our complex ideas the initial function Hume ascribed to association, in Treatise 1. Insightfully, and in anticipation of Friedrich Engels and Sherrie Ortner, among others, Millar argues that women, without the opportunity to cultivate hunting skills, were not respected, and had to occupy a humbler place, taking care of the inferior concerns of the household. Bacon asserts that we can form a history of the passions, of political matters, and of the various operations of the mind. The third attempted to apply the methods of the newly emerging experimental sciences, which insisted upon the isolation of salient variables whose relationships were established empirically, through their controlled manipulation. One striking expression of the thesis appears in Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments of , where he claims that it is distasteful to express in any strong degree those passions which arise from certain dispositions of the body.

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