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An introduction to the dynamics involved in creative communication. Students explore creative communication through work in, and analysis of, three creative forms: creative writing, theatre and digital media production.

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An introduction to the nature and functions of literary texts and the ways in which they are invested with meaning, with a focus on the skills necessary for reading and writing critically about them. An examination of selected science fiction and fantasy texts, emphasising their relationship to changing cultural contexts and the ways different storytelling media mould narratives.

A study of the relationship between self and nature as explored in texts by British writers of the period A study of the theoretical and practical aspects of public speaking. Attention will be paid to building a rapport with an audience, to the preparation of material for spoken delivery and to the technical elements of voice production.

source link A study of selected dramatic works by William Shakespeare, taking a thematic overview across a variety of dramatic genres and considering the plays in their original contexts as well as significant contemporary interpretations. An applied introduction to the varied ways in which theatre is used for social and personal change. An investigation of human creativity that involves the study of creative practice and the making of original works of performance, film and writing.

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[DOWNLOAD] Fiction Writing II - Course Materials by Gotham Writers' Workshop. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and. [BOOKS] Fiction Writing II - Course Materials by Gotham Writers' Workshop. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read.

Students will receive a grounding in the skills of writing and devising experimental theatre and an opportunity to employ these skills in the creation of original scripts. An exploration of creative writing for children through the critical and theoretical analysis of selected contemporary writing and through students' own production of original texts.

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A creative writing course in which students develop and advance poetry skills within the major modes of lyric poetry and within the context of a more advanced engagement with fundamental elements of craft. In addition to reading poetry and critical essays on the genre, students will write original poetry and critically review their own work and the work of peers. An introduction to the theory and practice of writing on health and illness. It includes intensive practice in composing for diverse health genres and publications and in analysing the ways consumers obtain and process information about health developments and controversies.

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An introduction to methods of reading, thinking, and writing about literature from the past. Focussing on key texts from the Early Modern period to the twentieth century, the course establishes a critical framework for understanding literature's shaping of modernity through its engagement with philosophy, politics, and other domains of culture. A course in writing non-fiction genres for the public, informed by a broad historical understanding of the emergence of the public sphere and its current reshaping in the digital age.

Students apply rhetorical theory and theories of argument in their own writing and in analysing works by selected public intellectuals.

The processes and practices of writing about specialised subjects for professional audiences, with a focus on the principles of usability and information design in relation to digital technical writing. An introduction to American literature, focusing on key novels, short stories and poems from the Romantic period through to the postmodern, and their relation to their historical and cultural contexts.

An introduction to New Zealand's literary history, focusing on important novels, short stories and poems in relation to their social and political contexts.

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A study of young adult fiction and its reception. Focussing on classic and contemporary examples, the course explores the definition of the genre and its characteristic concerns, with a focus on case studies of popular and controversial texts.

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A study of the term 'Gothic' in literature and film, relating the enduring Gothic themes of fantasy, the unconscious and death to contemporary literary and social debates. An intermediate-level introduction to the craft of nonfiction writing in a variety of genres, with a particular focus on the application of techniques usually associated with fiction and poetry to nonfiction material.

An intermediate-level study of the craft of fiction, investigating a range of forms by means of creative production, workshopping and peer review. An advanced study of selected dramatic works by William Shakespeare.

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The course explores the world his works engaged with and their influence on our own world, taking a thematic overview across a variety of genres and considering the plays in their original contexts as well as significant contemporary interpretations. A study of a variety of twentieth-century fiction and poetry.

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Write Advice — Awais Khan discusses creating opportunities for writers in Pakistan. Appreciation and comparison of communication of diverse groups within the larger context of American culture. A great entry point for the creative forms of nonfiction—including memoir, essay, feature articles, and reviews. We will supplement our investigations with a series of critical texts, and topics of discussion will center around the relationship between eighteenth-century mental illness and gender, genius, culture, and creativity. Students will develop skills at writing and reading in multiple genres. Students are expected to read and comment in the online forum for at least one hour each day for those three class days. Intensive graduates are welcome to take the Story Intensive again.

Emphasis will be given to aspects of literary modernism and postmodernism in order to contextualise the literary works. An advanced exploration of the Early Modern poetry and drama of Shakespeare's contemporaries, focusing on key themes, prominent genres, and the differing contexts of the royal court and the new world of the empowered citizen. An advanced introduction to Victorian literature, highlighting the engagement by nineteenth century writers with questions of liberalism, democratisation, and the expansion of the British empire. This course studies theatre as an expressive art, with a focus on processes of adaptation, particularly the creation of new texts from old.

It combines critical and practical research, including the presentation of a developed stage work, to examine how design, music and acting generate meaning in the performance of a text. An in-depth study of the skills, formats, technique and terminology of professional script writing, with emphasis on the adaptation of traditional approaches across the diversity of contemporary media.

A study of travel writing, involving both critical and ideological analysis and creative writing developed from the students' own field work. An exploration of the poetics and politics of experimentation and subversion in contemporary fiction and metafiction including analysis of the work both creative and critical of major practitioners, theorists and original student compositions. The course provides an applied service learning project in the disciplines of expressive arts and media studies.

Working collaboratively, students apply skills in theatre, performance, film-making, creative writing, media practice or mixed media to developing a creative response to a social issue or community need. We also include some open-access materials that can be assigned in courses as student reading or that support course development. These are open-access educational materials that can be useful for instructors who are assigned courses with little time to advance order traditional textbooks.

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